Teenager Sues Parents For $20,000 For Being Born White


For being born white, a 17 year old boy in the United States is suing his biological parents for his skin pigmentation.

Anthony Dwight claims, by being born white, he has suffered some level of shame and so want his parents charged for the colour of his skin.

According to him, the white people have inflicted enough suffering on other race hence his strange but controversial suit.

When I was a kid, I’d spend hours in the shower trying to wash off the white of my skin, but it would never go away.”

He is asking for $20,000 to enable him undergo a successful colour change an amount his lawyer has described as low considering the fact that his client has suffered severe psychological distress, symptoms of depression and suicidal tendencies. 

If successful, Dwight plans to change his colour to dark black and take Jamal Freeman as his new identity.

His parents who have described the suit as nonsense and needless say they want the case handled quickly so that they can put the matter behind them.

 “We just want to end this nonsense and we want him to come back home. We love you whatever the color of your skin.”

Source: GhanaXtra