The 20-Year-Old ARRESTED For Photoshopping Insulting Messages On Vodafone Promo Cards, Will Not Be PROSECUTED


vodafone promo card

Telecom giants, Vodafone Ghana have decided to spare Kwadwo Amakye, the 20-year-old IT expert who photoshopped insulting messages on its promo scratch cards and circulated them on social media.

Amakye was arrested by the Takoradi Police and transferred to the Airport Police in Accra where he has been charged with forgery of document and publication of false news.

The young man has admitted the wrongdoing saying he did that for fun and had no intentions of defaming the brand, but Vodafone said his action has marred the brand’s image and was difficult to quantify the loss and therefore they were going to push for his prosecution.

However, multiple reports quote sources within Vodafone Ghana to have indicated their unwillingness to pursue the case further contrary to their earlier position on the matter.


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