Tracy Kiss | Beauty Guru Claims SPERM Is Her Secret To Perfect Skin | VIDEO!

Tracy Kiss
Tracy Kiss

A YouTube beauty therapist called Tracy Kiss says the best bet to a clear and smooth skin is what she calls a “semen facial”.

This revelation has stirred controversy but according to Ms Kiss, that’s what she’s been using for years, and she claims it works like magic and it’s very healthy too.

Below is exactly what she said:


I can imagine that to some, the thought of using a semen facial mask may turn stomachs, but for years no secret has been made about the beauty benefits of using live and natural ingredients such as placental extracts, algae, mud, minerals, live yogurt, vegetables, oils and even blood.

And we’ve all heard of wacky home remedies from grandmothers or great aunts who swear by applying strange and unsavory ointments and potions in all sorts of places, as many people did years ago before today’s modern skincare brands became so readily available.

In the interest of beauty I see semen as being a fresh, active and stimulating ingredient, which gives my skin the glow and freshness that I require for a healthy skincare regime for my sensitive condition. Obviously consistency and quality will differ between each batch and source, and you may be hard pushed to ever find a supermarket which stocks the mask; it is therefore worth investing in a reliable male with a healthy diet and stamina to ensure a plentiful supply: perhaps a boyfriend, husband or in my case a health conscious friend.

Whomever you choose to provide a donation, it is important that you use the same caution you would around all bodily fluids: always ensure that they have had a sexual health check and are eating clean and nutritious food a few days before instead of smoking, drinking and bingeing on junk, or the quality will suffer. I would never condone using anonymous semen and in no way encourage this to become a sexual act, I am simply looking at this from the angle of beauty.