Usher Charges His Phone Inside A Woman’s Vagina



Here’s the most WTF moment you’ll experience today – Usher charged his phone using a woman’s vagina.

Now we all know science buffs are trying to come up with new and wonderful ways of making our phone batteries last longer, making them charge in 30 seconds, making it so that we never have that dreaded 1% warning when we’re supposed to be meeting a friend god knows where.

But this is taking the biscuit.

The lady put a battery pack you know where to then be connected to the mobile phones of passers by to give them a quick battery boost. Usher was one such passer by.

In a video on, the singer handed the model his phone and she proceeded to connect it to the hidden charger.


If this is the future, we’d rather have a flat battery, thanks.

Of course it was all in the name of art and the woman was demonstrating our dependence on technology at the Art Basel show in Miami.

There are possibly better, less eye-watering ways to do that.

A bemused Usher is said to have spent a whole 10 minutes waiting for the phone to charge while chatting to the model.