Western Region | 17 People Feared Dead In Galamsey Pit Collapse


More than 17 people are feared dead in Nsuta near Prestea in the Prestea Wuni-Valley district in the Western region after a galamsey pit caved in on them.

According to unconfirmed reports, the galamseyers because of the ban on illegal mining have resorted to working in the cover of darkness and it was during one of these clandestine and illegal activities that the pit collapsed on them killing them in the process.

Nanaba Boakye Ansah, a local journalist with Prestea based Energy FM reports that the incident happenedĀ  in the early hours of Monday as the deceased were working in the pit.

It is still unclear if there are any survivors but the possibility of any person surviving the disaster looks slime.

The people in the area are strugling to retrieve the bodies which are still stuck in the pit themselves as the security agencies at the time of filing this report were yet to arrive at the scene.

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