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billionaire educationBillionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg sometimes seem to belong to a different species to the rest of us. But they had to come from somewhere – so what educational and career choices did they make, and could you try and follow in their footsteps?

A new report by business-to-business commerce platform Approved Index examines the background of the world’s richest 100 people and present the statistics as follows:

When it comes to education, perhaps surprisingly it turns out that nearly a third of the richest 100 billionaires, 32%, have no university degree at all.

However 22% studied engineering and 12% business, making these far and away the best degrees for making serious money. The arts between them accounted for only 9% of the top 100, just ahead of economics, with 8%. Finance, science, maths and the law accounted for two or three percent of billionaires each.

Degrees held by the world’s richest people

  1. None  –  32%
  2. Engineering  –  22%
  3. Business  –  12%
  4. Arts  –  9%
  5. Economics  –  8%
  6. Finance  –  3%
  7. Science  –  2%
  8. Mathematics  –  2%
  9. Law  –  2%
  10. Other  –  8%

It’s engineering that makes for the richest billionaires too, with an average wealth of $25.77 billion each; those with no degree average $24.03 billion and those with a business degree $22.5 billion.

Average wealth by degree

  1. Engineering $25.77 billion
  2. None $24.03 billion
  3. Business $22.5 billion
  4. Economics $22.1 billion
  5. Arts $20.51 billion
  6. Other $19.66 billion
  7. Mathematics $17.75 billion
  8. Finance $15.83 billion
  9. Law $13.2 billion
  10. Science $12.05 billion

But if you’re thinking that no degree means no education, think again. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, was a Harvard law student before dropping out to co-found Microsoft.

Source: aol.co.uk

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