Woman Who Slashed Kids’ Throats Walks Free Because ‘Weed Made Her Psychotic’


Sadie-Jenkins-slashed kids throat cos of weed

A court has cleared 28-year old Sadie Jenkins of attempted murder after it heard that her heavy use of  ‘wee’ had driven her temporarily insane.

Jenkins was staying overnight in the house when she went into the bedroom of a seven-year-old boy and a 16-month-old girl, armed with the knife.

The homeowners bolted awake when they heard the children’s screams and ran into the bedroom to stop Jenkins.

The two injured children were immediately taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital and rushed into surgery.

Prosecutors say, “She has been seen by mental health professionals and two consultant forensic psychiatrists have come to the conclusion that at the crucial time she was suffering from an amphetamine-induced psychotic illness.

“The doctors are of the opinion that when she attacked the children, her mental condition was such that she knew what she was doing but she didn’t know that her actions were wrong.”

Jenkins told doctors she believed by slashing the children’s throats she was saving them from “a fate worse than death”.